Even though it's less developed than other islands, Koh Lanta is very well connected to the rest of south west Thailand by many daily ferries, speed boats, minivan and private taxi services.

KRABI Airport

Transportation options vary based on budget and time constraints. One reliable choice is pre-booking a private transfer for around 2,500 Baht, including ground and car ferry transportation. Alternatively, you can hire a personal taxi at the airport, costing 2,500 to 2,800 Baht.

For a quicker but pricier option, choose a combined minivan and speedboat transfer. This takes about 1.5 hours and includes a road transfer to your resort in Koh Lanta.

Travelers on a tighter budget can opt for public shared minivans to Koh Lanta, available at the airport arrivals hall.

However, keep in mind that total travel time can range from 2 to 3.5 hours.

PHUKET Town & Airport

You can reach Koh Lanta from Phuket via various ferry options. The Andaman Wavemaster ferry departs from Phuket's Rassada Pier at 8:30 am, arriving at Koh Phi Phi around 10:30 am. From there, you can connect to the Petpailin ferry departing at 11:30 am, reaching Koh Lanta at 12:30 pm.

Alternatively, the Tigerline Ferry departs Phuket at 8:00 am, arriving at Koh Phi Phi at 9:00 am and continuing to Koh Lanta at 10:00 am.

If you arrive early at Phuket International Airport, you can book a ferry ticket and transfer to Ratsada Pier in the morning by taxi. If you arrive later, you can either stay a night in Phuket and catch the ferry the next day or opt for a private minivan transfer from Phuket Airport directly to your resort on Koh Lanta.

Another option is the Southern Transport minibus service from Phuket town to Koh Lanta (known locally as the "pink & white bus), departing from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm with a travel time of around 5.5 hours.


There are two daily departure options available for the minivan transfer from Khao Sok to Koh Lanta. The first departure is at 7 am, allowing you to start your day early and maximize your time on Koh Sok.

The second option is at 11 am, providing a more flexible departure time for those who prefer a later start.

The cost is 750 Baht per person. This fee covers the transportation from Koh Lanta to Krabi and then from Krabi to Koh Sok.

It is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance to secure your seats and avoid any last-minute complications.


You can easily reach Koh Lanta from Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, and Koh Kradan by speedboat, with a travel time of approximately 1-1.5 hours.

The prices for these speedboat transfers are as follows: Koh Ngai: 650 baht per person, Koh Mook: 900 baht per person, Koh Kradan:1150 baht per person.

Alternatively, if you're heading to Koh Ngai specifically, you also have the option of taking a longtail boat that costs 500 baht per person.


Traveling from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, or Koh Tao to Koh Lanta is made convenient with a combi-ticket that includes a minivan to Krabi, a bus to Surat Thani, and a ferry or speedboat. 

This ticket includes transportation by minivan to Krabi, followed by a bus to Surat Thani, and a ferry or speedboat ride. Departure is at 7:40 am, with arrival at Koh Lanta between 4-6 pm (6-7 pm for Koh Tao).

Prices range from 950 to 1550 baht per person.


The most scenic route from Krabi Town to Koh Lanta is by ferry. There are two departures during the high season: at 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM. The ferry stops at Koh Jum before reaching Saladan Pier on Koh Lanta.

Alternatively, public shared minivan services run from Krabi Bus Station every hour between 8 AM and 4 PM. Hotel receptions and travel offices throughout the town can also arrange shuttle services.

The public shuttles take around 2 to 4 hours to reach Koh Lanta, depending on ferry queues. The price ranges from 350 to 450 Baht.

Private taxis or transfers are available approximately for 2,500 to 2,800 Baht.


Ferry schedule from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta: Departure from Nopparat Thara Pier at 11:00, stops at Railay (11:15) and Koh Jum (12:00) and arrives at Saladan Pier around 12:45.

Additional ferry options from Koh Jum to Koh Lanta:

  • 1st ferry: Departs Krabi Town (11:30), stops at Koh Jum (12:30), arrives at Koh Lanta (13:45).
  • 2nd ferry: Departs Krabi Town (14:30), stops at Koh Jum (15:30), arrives at Koh Lanta (16:45).

Transportation from Saladan Pier: Taxis/tuk-tuks available (50-150 Baht per person) or free ferry pick-up service provided by some southern resorts.

Alternative from Ao Nang: Take minivan/taxi to Krabi Town, then catch frequent minivan services to Koh Lanta via car ferry (around 450 Baht per person).

Private taxis & transfers can be arranged through hotels upon request.


In high season, multiple ferries and speedboats run daily between Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Upon arrival at Saladan Pier in Koh Lanta, you can take a taxi or tuk-tuk to your resort for 50-150 Baht per person. Some resorts offer free ferry pick-up, especially in the southern part of the island.

Speedboats depart Koh Phi Phi at 09:30 and 13:30, taking 30 minutes to reach Saladan Pier. Larger ferries leave at 09:00, 11:30, 15:00, and 15:30, taking around 1 hour to reach the pier.

During low season, there is one ferry per day from Phi Phi, subject to passenger numbers and weather. Travel offices on Phi Phi will confirm the ferry schedule the day before your travel.


Traveling from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta by speedboat typically takes about 3 hours, and the cost per person is approximately 1700 Baht.

However, it's important to note that this price is mostly applicable during the high season when the demand for transportation between these two islands is higher.

It's advisable to check the current prices and schedules closer to your travel date to get accurate information.


Traveling from Koh Yao Yai/Koh Yao Noi to Koh Lanta has two options: a minivan with a speedboat combo and a direct speedboat.

The minivan with speedboat combo costs 1050 baht per person and takes approximately 5-6 hours. Departure times are at 7:40 am and 11:40 am. The speedboat portion is 2 hours long and costs 1500 baht per person. Departure is at 1 pm, with pick-up around 11:30 am.

The direct speedboat option is faster, taking about 2 hours, but costs 1500 baht per person. Departure is at 1 pm, with pick-up around 11:30 am.