Our island has so much to offer. It would take a bookwork to name all the activities.

But if you are wondering what to do around Koh Lanta, here are a few of our personal favorites suggestions.


Cooking with Mon

Cooking with Mon has established itself as the premier Thai cooking school in Koh Lanta for several years, providing an unparalleled culinary experience.

Mon is the charismatic chef who will introduce you in a relaxing and fun way to the secrets of Thai cooking. With a passion for exploring new recipes and creating mouth-watering dishes using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Book your Thai Cooking class today!

Batik with amazing local artist 

Join Saychon for a memorable Batik workshop with the talented and passionate local artist, where you'll have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and techniques of this traditional Indonesian art form.

Make a beautiful fabric with your own design to take with you to the beach, a very authentic and wholesome experience.

Jewelry with Tak & Jessica

Handmade sterling silver jewelry with high-quality gemstones crafted in the traditional way can result in unique and beautiful pieces.

Let your creativity soar as you learn the traditional art of jewelry making under their expert guidance. Craft unique and beautiful jewelry that reflects your style and personality.

Visit Tak & Jessica at their shop "SilverGypsie" and create your own jewelry!

Discover the Island

Drive a scooter

One of the best ways to fully experience the vibrant and diverse island of Koh Lanta is to hop on a scooter and explore its many wonders, from the picturesque beaches with crystal clear waters and soft sand to the charming Old Town with its colorful houses and traditional shops, not to mention Klong Jark Waterfall, the National Park, and plenty of other hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered and admired by adventurous travelers. 

If you want to escape the tourist crowds and delve deeper into the authentic Thai culture, you can also take a short ride over the bridge to Lanta Noi, a peaceful and secluded island where you can immerse yourself in the local way of life, savoring the delicious cuisine, interacting with friendly locals, and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

Visit the Old Town 

Enjoy the culinary vibe at the Old Town in one of the many good restaurants like Pinto, Apsara, Beautiful, Chomlay and Fresh. Go souvenir shopping or meet the locals at Grandma House or Sunee Place.

There are several local shops in Koh Lanta Old Town where you can find souvenirs, handicrafts, and local products such as batik fabrics, ceramics, and wooden carvings.

Some sell the usual stuff, but the prices are good and you are supporting local families directly. However, there are a few real handicraft shops selling unique products and art.

Shopping in these stores is an excellent way to support the local economy and take home a piece of Koh Lanta.

Kayaking trip with Farid

This is an absolute phenomenal trip, regardless of the weather and the season. Farid, an amazing guide from the neighboring island Lanta Noi, will take you on a stunning trip around the islands opposite to his birthplace, Talabeng and Koh Pi.

The first part of the trip you go hiking and climbing in a beautiful cave with stunning views next to majestic limestone cliffs.  After, Farid will take you kayaking to all the beautiful spots that he knows like the palm of his hand. Lunch and water is included. 

Kayaking through the mangrove 

Go eat the freshest seafood at the Thung Yee Peng Seafood restaurant in the mangrove and rent a kayak from them and go kayaking. High probability you will see some monkeys.

Gondola Sunrise 

As the sun rose above the mangroves at Tung Yee Peng Village, the view from the gondola is simply breathtaking.

This eco-tourism experience not only gives an unforgettable romantic getaway but also allowes to appreciate the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Enjoy those special moments with your beloved ones with a magnificent sunrise.

The tour includes a delicious local style breakfast.

Afternoon or morning stroll into the rubber trees

If you like to go for a run (or walk), there is a trail of about 2 km, mostly around the rubber trees, mountains and beautiful nature on a very short distance from our place.

If you are a real adventurer you can try different dirt roads on that trail, some will just end and others will take you around new areas.

Fishing trip with a local fisherman

For a more authentic experience and have an authentic and wholesome experience, and eat really fresh seafood.

You meet up with the captain at the pier of Old Town and go take out the net of shrimp or crab. After this activity, you go to Kor Por island which is the island just opposite to Old Town, and you have lunch with some of the stuff you caught (and more). You have time to walk around the island and explore a real authentic fishermen village where you are probably the only tourist. You can also have a swim in the sea and enjoy the beautiful seafront of the fishermen family.

This is a trip for anyone who likes to connect with the locals and have a real authentic experience and see how the locals live life on the island. It’s also perfect for parents with kids. 

Koh Lanta Community Museum

Don't miss out on visiting the Koh Lanta Community Museum. This museum showcases the history and culture of Koh Lanta's Old Town. Free entry.

The museum showcases the history, culture, and heritage of the local community.

Inside the museum, you can find displays and exhibits that highlight the traditional way of life of the local people, the fishing industry, and the history of Lanta Old Town as a trading port.

The exhibits often include photographs, artifacts, tools, and other items that provide insights into the island's past.

It's an excellent way to learn more about the town's rich heritage and gain a deeper appreciation for its beauty.

Lunch/Dinner on a boat through mangroves

This is a really fun activity if you love seafood. Instead of eating a delicious seafood meal in the restaurant, you can eat it on a boat!

The beautiful longtail boat that has been made into a flat surface, with flowy curtains and plants, so you can sit comfortably and in style, sails through a mangrove forest and comes out to the open sea.

You can probably see monkeys in their natural habitat. The whole experience is about 1.5 hour and you have an amazing lunch with a whole fish, shrimp, squid, some veggies, rice, fruit and water. If you like you can purchase extra drinks, but also sometimes they have oysters and other shells to choose from that you can buy it by the kilo.

Mai Keaw Cave

Put on some good hiking shoes and get ready for a real adventure and explore the Mai Keaw Cave.


Embark on an exciting exploration journey, where you can witness stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations, admire the impressive rock formations, and delve into the mystical atmosphere of the cave's interior.

Klong Jark Waterfall

It can be found hidden in the jungle after a mild trek through the jungle. It normally takes about 30-40 minutes.

t's a beloved spot for birdwatching, hiking, and leisurely walks, yet offers moments of tranquility during less crowded periods.

For optimal enjoyment, plan your visit between November & May.

Discover the Beaches

Discover the best beaches

Discover the stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere of Koh Lanta.

From Kaw Kwang Beach in Saladan to Secret Beach in Long Beach, as well as the deep-south beaches of Kantiang Bay, Nui Bay, Klong Jark, and Bamboo Bay.

Walk on the seabed

In low tide you can actually walk on the seabed for many km. It is not a designated road obviously, so there are some challenging parts where you have to climb over rocks or get a little dirty but it is a beautiful walk.

Enjoy an almost private beach on Koh Bubu

In the sea in front of Old Town there is a little island called Koh Bubu which has a beautiful beach, a little restaurant and a few basic bungalows.

During lunch time, you will see a few boats parked for lunch but in the morning and evening it’s the perfect island to go to for the ‘Robinson experience’ as it is possible that you will see absolutely no one, except maybe… some monkeys…

Watch incredible Sunsets

Go for sunset nearby on Long Beach, Beautiful Beach, Relax Bay or the secret beach in between!

Get ready to soak up the golden rays as the sun paints the sky with its magical colors, leaving you feeling all relaxed and amazed.

Explore the best viewpoints on the island

Kantiang Bay - Have a drink at the beautiful view point south of Kantiang Bay on the cliffs overlooking the whole bay.

East coast - Have a drink at Khao Yao restaurant all made of bamboo overlooking the whole East coast on the way to Old Town.

Horse riding on the beach

An unforgettable adventure in paradise. Whether you're traveling solo, with your partner, or with a group of friends, horse riding on Koh Lanta's beaches will create memories that will stay with you forever.

It's a chance to connect with nature, experience the strength and elegance of these remarkable animals, and make unforgettable moments.

Experience a fireshow by the beach

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant culture, rich traditions, and unique forms of entertainment. Among the captivating experiences that attract both locals and tourists alike is the incredible fire show, a spectacle that combines skillful fire manipulation and music.

If you are in Koh Lanta and you want to watch Kung King in action, you can visit the Turtle Beach restaurant on Long Beach.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping

Koh Lanta is surrounded by many amazing islands. Depending on the season, it is possible to book various trips.

Try the most popular 4-island trip where you will visit the amazing Emerald Cave and the bounty island Koh Ngai.

For the clearest waters and colourful underwater world, you can join the Koh Rok-Koh Haa snorkeling trip or go diving.

There are many different trips to fit each budget and we are happy to advise and arrange it for you on the spot.

All trips will pick you up directly from the accommodation your are staying in.

Snorkeling trip Koh Rok and/or Koh Haa

If you are really into snorkeling this is the most recommended trip. Koh rok and koh haa are little islands in the middle of the ocean. They are quite far from the land and therefore only reachable by speedboat. Koh rok has a beautiful beach with white powder sand beach and emerald blue water. Koh Haa is a snorkeling paradise with its 5 big rocks, home to an amazing coral reef. This is the trip if you would like to go snorkeling. However, be ready to see plenty of tourists as boats arrive there not only from Koh Lanta but from all the surrounding islands. It is not so bad that it disturbs the snorkeling luckily. Included are the pick up, lunch, water and snorkeling equipment. A National Park Fee of 400 Baht is not included. You will need to bring this payment with you to pay on the spot. The price is 1400 Baht pp. Only available in the high season from October to May.

Private island tour

If you are with a group of people, or just want to book something for a special occasion, we can organise a private trip for you.

There are many different options, like a private 4 island trip, where you can choose yourself where you will go exactly and how long you will stay in each location, Phi Phi island,  or a private trip to Talabeng.

Private trips are usually more pricey starting from about 4000-8000 baht. Feel free to ask ask for more information if you are thinking about booking one. 

4 island trip

This is definitely the most popular trip on this island. With a longtail boat you will visit some beautiful spots and islands South-East of Koh Lanta. The exact schedule depends on the tides, but the highlight of this trip is definitely the Emerald Cave in Koh Mook and the beautiful, crystal blue waters and white sand beach on Bounty Island Koh Ngai. There is some snorkeling involved as well, but please do not take this trip for snorkeling, as the coral and the fish is not as plentiful and colorful as the one to Koh Rok and/or Koh Haa. A great trip if you expect a fun, adventurous day in a longtail boat on the water, but please expect to see MANY others like you. If you are looking for something less touristy, then see above, as Farid is your man. ]The price for this trip includes lunch, fruit, water and the National Park Fee of 200 Baht, a total of 800 Baht pp. Pick up around 8:30 from our place. Only available in the high season from October to May.

Phi Phi island trip

If you don’t have enough time to visit Phi Phi, this might a good alternative for you. The speedboat is going to Phi Phi and takes you to a few of the beautiful hotspots like the famous Maya Bay, the Phi Ley lagoon, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. There is some beautiful snorkeling and some time for you to explore the town. Phi Phi has become extremely touristy in the past few years because of the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio. Most of our guests enjoy this trip very much but are always happy to come back to the quiet and laid-back Koh Lanta. The price of 1200 baht pp, does not include the additional fee for the national park of 400 baht, which you can pay on the boat. The trip includes pick up, lunch, and snorkeling equipment. Usually available in high and low season (depending on the weather).

Food & Drink

Eat like a local

You will find real cheap food around the island, where the locals eat.

The ones that we recommend are:

- The Best Isan Restaurant

- Sao Restaurant

- Arlak Resturant

Me and Mon are usually sitting in one of these. You will be able to find all these names in Google maps, but don’t look for a sign in English, they sometimes don’t have one.

Hidden gems

- Yang Garden Restaurant - Possibly the best restaurant of Koh Lanta. Top quality (Western) food, made with mostly locally sourced ingredients in a stunning garden setting. For a special night out, and make sure to make a reservation.

- Devy Ale - Drink a locally brewed beer. My favorite bar on the island, with amazing beers, good and cheap Thai food and live music.

- Baja Tacos - Make sure you eat here at least once. The food is amazing and the setting paradise. Oh, and don’t forget the margaritas.

Other Activities


Many resorts and wellness centers on the island provide yoga classes suitable for various skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you can find yoga sessions that cater to your needs.

The ones that we highly recommend are:

- Oasis Yoga -  In this resort there are daily classes. Go to their Facebook page to see the schedule and sign up.

- Nora Yoga - Nora is hosting yoga classes in resorts and different places around Koh Lanta, to see her schedule you can find her Facebook page Nora Yoga.

Snorkel & Diving

Koh Lanta, located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand, is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

With its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, Koh Lanta offers fantastic opportunities to explore the underwater world.

Koh Lanta offers diverse dive sites suitable for both beginners and experienced divers.

Popular dive sites around Koh Lanta include Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Koh Haa, Koh Bida and the Koh Rok Islands.

Following Giants

Following Giants is the choice for visitors who believe in an enjoyable experience which is truly authentic, sustainable, and elephant-friendly. Here you can observe our gentle giants as they roam free, happily leading the way in their natural environment.

Under a sustainable tourist program and new name, Following Giants now actively partners with World Animal Protection for on and off-site training, infrastructure development, constant evaluation, as well as continuous improvement for the welfare of the elephants and surrounding nature.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai it is deeply rooted in the country's cultural and historical traditions and has gained worldwide popularity for its unique techniques and physical demands.

There are several training camps on the island that offer Muay Thai classes for beginners and experienced practitioners. You can join these camps to learn the techniques, improve your fitness, and experience the traditional Thai martial art.

Massage & Spa 

Here are some favorite massage places of our guests. You can just come by anytime, but if you call in advance and make an appointment, you know for sure they are available.

Chaba Massage - I am Massage - Sabai Sabai Massage

Sometimes it is also possible to get a massage nearby at the neighbor’s house. Our guests have a great experience there. Please check with our staff.

Lanta Zipline

Test your adrenaline with this thrilling outdoor activity that allows participants to zip through the lush tropical rainforest.

The zip line features a series of platforms and cables connected to towering trees, creating an exciting aerial route with an absolutely stunning panoramic view.

The activity is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels and ages, making it a fun-filled adventure for families, friends, and even solo travelers. Safety is a top priority, and professional guides are present throughout the experience to provide instructions, ensure proper equipment usage, and maintain a secure environment.

Visit Lanta Animal Welfare

Junie Kovacs founded in 2005 Lanta Animal Welfare with the mission to end the suffering of the hundreds of homeless, abused and injured animals on Koh Lanta.

To date, we have sterilised and treated over 15,000 animals, and with your support we continue to grow helping more and more animals each year.