Our island has so much to offer. It would take a bookwork to name all the activities. But if you are wondering what to do around the Old Town, you might enjoy some of these suggestions…
Our place is quite unique as it offers a great cooking class onsite. In high season we run classes every day from 11 am to about 4 pm (except Sundays). We cook three main dishes and there is an additional Thai dessert. If you book in advance you might have a chance to choose the menu! For our guests we offer a discounted price. You join a day of cooking, eating, learning, having fun and meeting new people. Mon is a great teacher, full of energy and laughter. Cooking with Mon is now the number 1 cooking school of Koh Lanta.
Old Town and area has the highest concentration of really good restaurants of the whole island, all in one little walkable street. With a range stretching from amazing, fresh Thai (sea)food and vegetarian food, to real Italian pizza, amazing tacos, homemade ice cream and freshly brewed coffee. You might enjoy a real culinary experience around our place.
Old Town is small but has a number of souvenir shops. Some sell the usual stuff, but the prices are good and you are supporting local families directly. However, there are a few real handicraft shops selling unique products and art.

Watch a sunrise

Old Town is built on the sea, and we are on the east coast which means, sunrise side. It is definitely worth it to try to wake up early (around 5:30) to watch a magical sunrise.
On Saturday after 5 pm the little Old Town is changing into a walking street. Some restaurants putting the tables out on the street and you can get some local snacks. Especially Saturday is fun as there is live music at The Old Town Cowboy Bar, the only bar in town. Have a beer and enjoy the party!
If you happen to stay with us on Sunday, do not miss the Sunday market. Perfect if you want to stock up on fruit and vegetable, try some Thai breakfast snack or just look to experience local Thai life, stop by! Starts around 7 am and finishes at 10 am.

Enjoy an almost private beach on Koh Bubu

In the sea in front of Old Town there is a little island called Koh Bubu which has a beautiful beach, a little restaurant and a few basic bungalows. During lunch time, you will see a few boats parked for lunch but in the morning and evening it’s the perfect island to go to for the ‘Robinson experience’ as it is possible that you will see absolutely no one, except maybe… some monkeys…
If you like to go for a run (or walk), there is a trail of about 2 km, mostly around the rubber trees, mountains and beautiful nature on a very short distance from our place. If you are a real adventurer you can try different dirt roads on that trail, some will just end and others will take you around new areas.
In low tide you can actually walk on the seabed for many km. It is not a designated road obviously, so there are some challenging parts where you have to climb over rocks or get a little dirty but it is a beautiful walk. You can keep walking for a long time and pass on the way a fisherman village, fancy resort, sea gypsy village and even an island where you can walk to on the low tide
Old Town is home to many fishermen and you can actually go fishing with one of them. This trip is for those who want to experience real fishing with a real fisherman, not another tourist trip. His boat does not have a roof, he will not provide food and water and he does not speak a word of English. But his smile is real and his heart big and he will show you how fishing is done.
Old Town has many islands nearby that you can kayak to. We have a kayak for rent. You can kayak to your own private beach and on the way you will see a breath-taking scenery.
Koh Lanta is surrounded by many amazing islands. Depending on the season, it is possible to book various trips. Try the most popular 4-island trip where you will visit the amazing Emerald Cave and the bounty island Koh Ngai. Go explore ‘Skull island’ with the notorious and crazy Farid on his off-the-beaten-track kayaking trip. For the clearest waters and colourful underwater world, you can join the Koh Rok-Koh Haa snorkeling trip or go diving. There are many different trips to fit each budget and we are happy to advise and arrange it for you on the spot. All trips will pick you up directly from the house.

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